img_3088Since the launch one year ago of the Liftlog 100+ on-board weighing system for forklift trucks by RDS Technology, the new instrument has proven a great success with vehicle managers looking to avoid overloads and benefit from the reduced service costs this can bring to their forklift trucks.

As a hydraulic weighing and overload monitoring system, the Liftlog 100+ is ideal for use in applications where multiple pallets of product are to be check weighed or where weight limits are to be adhered to.

Negating the need to travel to a floor-mounted platform scale often sited in a remote part of the warehouse or loading area, the Liftlog 100+ provides a time efficient means of check weighing and reduces vehicle movements around the site, helping to speed operations and increase site safety. Such gains in productivity also reduce vehicle wear and tear and mean the machine spends less time out of action for maintenance.

liftlog100Besides the obvious safety issues, overloading a forklift truck puts undue stress onto the lifting mechanism and the drive system. To avoid this, the Liftlog 100+’s overload monitoring display shows an incremental bar graph of current load related to maximum capacity giving a visual indication to the driver of load status at any time. This enables the operator to see exactly how safe the load is and respond accordingly. Also included is an overload alarm that will sound when the overload threshold is approached and at the overload point to further inform the operator of load status. This helps the driver to avoid potential tip-over and allows the forklift to work within its maximum rated capacity increasing the durability and safety of the forklift, whilst increasing vehicle efficiency and deferring capital expenditure.

An optional external audible alarm and also a visual load indication light bar are available to further enhance overload warnings to the operator and to signal current load status giving further and immediate visual indication to the operator and supervisor.
The Liftlog 100+ can be fitted to new and used vehicles with minimal machine downtime and comes with full back up from specialist RDS distributors.

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