liftlog100Since its launch earlier this year, RDS Technology has been delighted with the success of the new Liftlog 100+ on-board weighing system. The Liftlog 100+ is the latest addition to the successful line up of cost-effective, affordable and easy-to-use on-board weighing systems for forklift trucks.

Following in the footsteps of the popular Liftalert and Liftlog 100, the Liftlog 100+ expands on the functionality of the range by offering a load-totalising feature in addition to the weighing and overload monitoring functions. This makes the Liftlog 100+ ideal for use in loading applications where multiple pallets of a single product are to be check weighed or where weight limits e.g. storage racks are to be adhered to.

Negating the need to travel to a floor mounted platform scale often sited in a remote part of the warehouse, the Liftlog 100+ provides a time efficient means of check weighing.

A hydraulic load sensor is used to measure the increase in system pressure and the Liftlog 100+ displays the weight to the operator. Also included is an overload alarm that will sound when the overload threshold is approached and at the overload point to further inform the operator of load status. This helps the driver to avoid potential tip-over, increasing the safety of the forklift and surrounding warehouse.

An optional external audible alarm and also a visual load indication light bar are available to further enhance overload warnings to the operator and to signal current load status giving further and immediate visual indication to the operator and supervisor.

RDS Technology

Mr. M. Evans – Business Development Manager


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