mc3090Laser Data Systems are dedicated to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and care. Their expertise encompasses many manufacturers of Barcode Scanning Equipment including, but not limited to: Symbol, Telxon, Intermec, Handheld Products, Datalogic, PSC, Opticon, Nippon Denso.

Laser Data Systems first rate repair service is fully computerised, and all equipment is tracked from the moment they receive it to the moment it leaves their repair centre. Customers will soon be able to log in to the secure Customer Portal, allowing them to see the progress of their repair work, and view updates in real time.

Laser Data Systems offer 3 facilities that help to save you money by keeping your current equipment working, and allowing you to expand your pool of legacy equipment long after the OEM has designated it as End of Life.


Laser Data Systems are a repair centre for your barcoding equipment. They cover many different manufacturers’ equipment and can offer competitive prices with our 3-tiered pricing structure and contract options. They will be pleased to offer a quote for any repair.


psion2They also refurbish and sell used barcoding equipment. Maybe you are looking to expand on your current infrastructure, or would like to install your first data collection system at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment. If you are interested in purchasing previously owned equipment for your barcoding requirements then please contact Laser Data Systems for more information.


Do you have old barcoding equipment that you no longer use or want? Laser Data Systems can purchase your redundant barcode scanners and ensure that they are reused rather than being thrown away… we all like to do our bit for the environment! Laser Data Systems would like to buy your old equipment, so contact them to find out how to turn those old unused scanners into cash.

Laser Data Systems

Tel: 0845 4596449

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