logopak-800Logopak International has announced a new compact print & apply pallet labelling machine, developed to suit a broad range of applications as standard and bring reduced capital cost though the economies of volume production.  “Logopak has taken its latest mechanical and software technology and applied this to the new 800 series labellers through a programme of value engineering,” says Logopak UK general manager Wilson Clark.

“The result is a machine of universal appeal, offering a small footprint, fewer components than its predecessors, and the ability as standard to provide a host of IT functions with no need for additional software to be written.”

Capable of 100 pallets an hour the Logopak 800 provides a comfortable operating margin over the 60-80 pallet an hour requirement of most production lines, although the Logopak 920 series remains in production for speeds up to 150 an hour.

The machine incorporates Logopak’s new PowerLeap 3 control system, which provides a comprehensive link with different warehouse management systems and production line PLC controls using, for example, Ethernet data and internet web browser solutions.

“Unlike most print & apply labellers, the Logopak 800 series comes equipped as standard with the hardware and software necessary to link readily with computer-based production and warehousing systems,” points out Wilson Clark. “This avoids the cost and time involved in writing one-off application software.”

In addition, the PowerLeap 3 control system monitors the performance of the labeller itself, giving advance warning or component failure while alerting service engineers automatically via E-mail or data link to any faults or maintenance needs.

logopak-logo_col_308x150“The 800 series marks a major step forward in cost-effectiveness and reliability for pallet labelling and is backed by a new ten year warranty, the longest by far in the industry,” says Wilson Clark.

Logopak International Limited

Tel: 01904 692333

Email: salesonweb@logopak.net


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