top-original-floor-in-mobile-racking-area-and-below-floor-screed-laid-in-mobile-racking-areaLangdon Industries Ltd are a logistics service provider who specialise in controlled temperature operations. Their Bridgwater depot is the centrepiece for their temperature controlled distribution centres throughout the UK. The floor within one of the cold stores was in need of refurbishment to better support their operational requirements.

Working alongside Caer Urfa, Consultancy and Project Management, CG Flooring Systems Ltd were brought in to undertake the floor refurbishment work. The floor upgrade would involve the removal of approximately 15mm of damaged concrete from the surface of the existing floor slab. The floor was to then be mechanically cleaned prior to the application of, Cemart’s, Cemdek Industrial Floor Screed as the newly finished floor surface.

The racking system within the cold store consists of movable racking which runs on steel rails, fixed within the concrete floor and static racks along perimeter walls. Extreme care had to be taken around the steel rails within the floor to ensure they were not damaged or knocked out of alignment. The mobile racking area also had limited working floor space. In order to reduce clients’ operational down time, maximise project output and increase the size of the open area, the fixed racking and one section of the mobile racking were removed before commencing with the floor works.

The temperature within the cold store was increased to approximately 15 degrees centigrade to provide an ideal environmental condition for the application of the floor screed. Once all pre-start requirements had been met the project got underway. The first stages involved isolating the steel rails and removing approximately 200 bolts from within the floor. The damaged concrete was removed from the surface by the road planner, undertaking a number of controlled passes over each area of the floor. The newly exposed concrete was then mechanically cleaned by captive enclosed shot-blasting, before the industrial floor screed was applied at a nominal thickness of 15mm. The 1,088m2 floor was completed within 8 days with minimum of fuss.

CG Flooring Systems Ltd are part of the CoGri Group of companies.

Images are shown with slight yellow tints due to the industrial lighting used.

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