snimka-liftThe new A-Lift from APEX 11 combines the features of different forklift trucks: conventional forklift truck, reach truck, side loader and others.


– 4-way operation,

– mast travel mechanism,

– wheels base 3×3,

– the three hydrostatic driven and steerable wheels allow from static position movement in any direction (forward, backward, left, right),

– the mast travel mechanism allows the overall width of the goods to be fitted in the overall footprint of the truck,

– the width of the aisle can be equal to the width of the forklift (2,3 m),

– options include: Equipment: cabin, heater, catalyser, air- conditioner, lights, attachments, buzzer.

Multifunctional movement in four directions makes the A-Lift indispensible for working with long goods in small corridors, which helps to optimise your store. The machine works equally well both inside and outside, as it is available in three versions electric, LPG and diesel. Capacity varies from 4t to 12t, which allows the use of machine in various fields of industry. These major advantages save time and money, providing flexible solutions for organising and optimising your storage.

A-Lift trucks are distinguished by high productivity, safety, comfort and simplicity of service.


They are extremely suitable:

– for handling of long and large loads;

– for work in confined corridors, racking systems and storerooms;

– for handling of loads with large dimensions and weights from 4t to 8t (wooden framings, steel materials, concrete articles, PVC extruded pipes, aluminum extruders, window articles and others)


– the ability to store goods in the length of the corridor, without changing the direction of movement within the corridor; for front storing in corridors from/on lorries, platforms and others.

– eliminating the necessity of high lifting, which allows safer movement and stability of the truck;

apex-logo-enA-Lift  is developed and produced by APEX 11 Ltd. We can support our dealers with spare parts, technical documentation, training and advertising materials.

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