a-plastic-box-that-meets-your-recycling-needs-1Goplasticpallets.com, the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets and boxes, is helping companies in the UK to reduce waste and promote recycling.

When Cooler Recycling Solutions approached Goplasticpallets.com seeking a solution to assist companies recycle metals and hazardous waste in the brewing and dispense industries, Goplasticpallets.com recommended the GoBox 1311 LRS.

Designed by Belgian manufacturer IPS, the GoBox 1311 is Europe’s largest plastic pallet box. Offering a capacity of 1,400 litres and a maximum load of 1,000kg, the GoBox 1311 is ideal for bulk storage and handling. With solid walls and an unventilated construction, the containers are completely weather-resistant and can be safely stacked up to seven boxes high.

Manufactured from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the GoBox 1311 LRS is lightweight, durable and recyclable, so at the end of the boxes’ long service life, companies can maintain their environmental commitment.

Cooler Recycling Solutions has purchased 300 units of the GoBox 1311 and is now helping companies across a broad range of industries recycle their waste, not just the brewing and dispense industries.

Mike Storey from Cooler Recycling Solutions said: “Since we started using the GoBox 1311 LRS, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of the recycling process. The system we have in place is simple. We install the plastic containers for companies onsite free of charge and when the boxes are full we collect them and replace them with empty ones. The metal waste is then separated for recycling and residuals either go for specialist recycling or incineration. The plastic boxes are durable, lightweight and stackable, and offer an ideal solution for companies in any industry for storing and recycling their waste.”

Goplasticpallets.com stocks in excess of 125 core product ranges and model variations at its base in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and fulfils 99% of all orders immediately from stock.


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