clarkNew cab range: GTX 16-20s, GEX 16-30, CQ 20-30.

Driving comfort, ergonomics and safety. Taking these as principles, Clark optimised its cab range for the series GTX, GEX and CQ, presenting it in the autumn of 2009.

Cab range CQ 20-30

The CQ 20-30’s front window with wiper, large sliding windows in the doors as well as a second window in the lower section of the cab ensure good visibility all round and hence greater productivity and safety. The amply dimensioned rear window for the diesel and gas-propelled forklift also enables unimpeded vision when reversing. In combination with the interleaved mast profiles and support struts of the cab roof running parallel to the driver’s line of vision, optimal conditions are ensured for fatigue-free work and best performance.

Warm, quiet, practical

The spacious driver’s cab is mounted on rubber insulators, which shield the driver against noises and vibrations from the engine, thereby ensuring greater drive comfort. The clever arrangement of all components gives the impression of a design fully compatible with everyday working realities. All important components – above all maintenance parts – are easily accessible here, the hood allowing 100 percent opening. The heater is located on the right below the hydraulic lever; air outlet nozzles in the direction of the footwell, driver and front windscreen ensure a warm interior.

Cab range GTX and GEX

The load always in view: The cabs for the electric forklifts GTX and GEX offer a rounded font window with dual-arm wiper for this. The size of the sliding window in the doors and the second window in the lower part of the doors also enable improved all-round vision. Opening of the window is supported by pneumatic springs. The protective roof struts are also adapted to the field of vision even when the load is raised.

Well equipped for servicing

Certain key specifications such as use in the lower section of the rear frame for the GTX and GEX 16/18/20s ensure easy accessibility to all relevant components. Simple to remove, thereby enabling problem-free access to the controls. The hood can be opened completely. The opening angle restriction of the doors can easily be unhooked for rapid battery changing. Steps sealed with PVC also ensure safety when entering and leaving the cab. The 48V heater (GTX and GEX 16/18/20s) or 80V heater (GEX 20-25-30) makes sure the interior is nice and warm. Brushes ensure that the doors are always closed tight.

Modular cab level

Clark provides four cab levels for an optimal adaptation to the local conditions. The modularity allows an application comparable with a modular system. The rain protection is covered with Level 1, weather protection with Level 2. Level 3 represents the partial cab. As a full cab, Level 4 has a steel roof with window, a steel front with large safety window, parallel front windscreen wiper, inside mirror, steel doors with sliding window as well as steel rear with wipers, which can be folded up in the GTX and GEX 16/18/20s as well as GEX 20-25-30 series.

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