walkers1A combination of two AC electric powered Aisle-Masters fitted with telescopic forks and a double-deep storage system is enabling Walkers Transport to make maximum use of its warehousing facilities in Leeds.

Walkers specialises in the express distribution of palletised goods, stocking “everything from motorbikes to mineral water”, according to Warehouse Manager Chris Burley. The company has been operating a VNA system since it moved to its present site in Morley 5 years ago, and recently needed to replace the articulated trucks it previously used. “We tested all the articulated brands on the market” says Chris, ”and the Aisle-Master won hands down in terms of quality,  robust build and operator comfort.” 4,000 pallets are accommodated in the racking, and double deep storage is central to achieving this density – Chris estimates that at least a third of the overall pallet capacity would be lost without it.

Lifting and positioning pallets to the inside space of high racking can take its toll on a forklift’s performance, and until the Aisle-Masters arrived, Walkers could not use the very top, 7.6m beam for double deep storage. The powerful battery and hydraulics as well as the 3t, 8m mast fitted to the Aisle-Masters supply more than enough capacity throughout each shift, now enabling every single space to be occupied. Operations have also been speeded up, says Chris: “The mast lift is smoother and effortless control when extending and retracting the forks make the whole procedure very convenient. With a thousand pallets in and the same number out each week this is very beneficial.

The drivers have welcomed the change to the Aisle-Masters, appreciating the very comfortable seats, easy access to the control panel and the excellent picture on the flat screen in-cab camera. They also feel more secure thanks to the sturdy overhead guard. Routine maintenance such as battery top up is simple due to easy opening panels accessing components. Chris sums up: “The Aisle Master is a solidly designed and constructed industrial truck for an industrial application.”

Aisle-Masters can work in aisles of just 1.75m, have capacities of up to 2.5 tonnes,  lift heights of up to 12.5 metres, and LPG models are also available. The trucks have a reputation for excellent build quality and robust, long life operation. Aisle-Master also offers a warehouse planning service, free of charge. Customers can either supply a layout of their premises, or Aisle-Master personnel will visit to undertake a site survey. On the basis of this design engineers supply layout proposals and storage density calculations, illustrating the optimum use of space.

Aisle-Master Ltd
UK Tel: 07725 642 472
Email: info@aisle-master.com

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