curtainfinalArticulated forklift manufacturer Aisle-Master offers a wide range of electric and LPG powered articulated trucks, and will be exhibiting on Stand 69 at Logistics Link South.   MD Gerry McHugh sums up below how replacing a combination of reach and counterbalance forklifts with Aisle Masters enables operations to cut costs whilst improving productivity in and around the warehouse.

• The all round versatility of the articulated Aisle-Master reduces fleet numbers and therefore initial purchase costs as well as additional expenditure on maintenance. Doing away with double handling ensures that offloading, storing and order picking procedures are much quicker.

• The Aisle-Masters’ ability to work in much narrower aisles than standard counterbalance and reach trucks enables additional bays of racking to be installed for a potential doubling of pallet spaces in any given area. This eliminates the need for investment in new buildings or rent for extra storage space and also enables massive savings on the costs of utilities needed to run  multiple warehouses.

• The benefits of the AC technology incorporated into all electric Aisle-Masters as standard contribute to substantial cost savings: higher performance levels achieve increased pallet movements for greater productivity, fewer wearable parts result in lower maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption makes for longer operation between battery charging. Aisle-Masters are    designed to allow straightforward, quick access to all components. This reduces service and maintenance time and therefore costs, as well as keeping the time the truck is out of action to a minimum.

logocolour• Aisle-Master also offers a free, no obligation warehouse planning service. Companies can either supply a layout of their premises, or Aisle-Master personnel will visit to undertake a site survey. On the basis of this design engineers supply layout proposals and storage density calculations, illustrating the optimum use of space.

Aisle-Master Ltd

UK Tel: 07725 642 472


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