As a further part of its Global Track secure supply chain solution offering, ATMS plc has launched a new system for remote video monitoring and vehicle tracking. The system consists of a digital mobile CCTV and digital video recording system with inbuilt GPS location recording. It can be installed in most vehicles and can monitor alarm events, door openings, speeds, location and shocks. Using the latest mobile communication technology the equipment provides live video and data feeds to anywhere with Internet access, alarm inputs can automatically trigger alerts in the central control room.

gps1“There are tremendous applications for this type of technology”, commented Richard Hemming,  project consultant for ATMS. We’re talking to many logistics companies at present about their needs.  In a basic form the system can be used to provide evidence for road traffic accidents by recording vehicle speed, location and acceleration, along
with real time video footage of front, rear and sides of the vehicle. “Of course the use of this equipment will naturally encourage safer driving practices and will encourage more economical driving practices’. Accidents can be detected using the G-force shock sensor available with the unit, incidents can be monitored using sensor inputs, door sensors and panic alarms. In the event of an incident or accident the unit can automatically stream video from a preset number of minutes before the incident to a number of minutes after.

Streamed video can then be observed and archived in the control centre which can be located anywhere in the world.

The system records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if required so can be used to monitor vehicle loads and temperatures.  It can automatically record loading and unloading operations and can be linked to mobile data terminals used for proof of delivery recording and signature capture.

Crime and fraud reduction is a major benefit, as is the due diligence of having a secure, monitored, end to end supply chain solution.

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