ravas-iforks-application-03-glowNo complicated installation, no cabling. iForks is installed on any forklift in a matter of minutes: Plug & Weigh. With iForks you weigh on the move, working more efficiently and realising immediate cost savings.

iForks from RAVAS, the mobile weighing specialist, allows you to weigh any pallet or container directly on the forklift that transports it, efficiently and without losing time. Weighing with iForks on your forklift helps you to avoid overloading lorries, determine shipping weights, check incoming deliveries, fill big bags or prevent errors in order picking. iForks is easy to install and easy to work with.

How iForks works

iForks is a set of scale forks that fits onto fork lift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks. The forks are equipped with built-in load cells, sensors that measure the weight of the load very accurately: the tolerance is only 0.1% of the load lifted. The scale forks communicate the weight lifted with the display in the cabin via Bluetooth. Since all components are fully integrated into the forks, iForks have no external cabling whatsoever. The weighing system is powered by robust, exchangeable battery modules. Which is why iForks is not only resistant to rough use, but also extremely compact, keeping the fork dimensions (w x h = 133 x 58 mm) very close to those of standard lift truck forks and making sure that the user does not lose any handling performance.

Managing the iForks functions over the display keypad

The iForks weight indicator in the cabin shows the weight of the load on the forks and offers a complete range of weighing functions: gross/net weighing, total weight per shipment, ID-code entry, date/time registration, and piece counting. The display is equipped with backlight, making it perfectly readable even in the darkest corners of a warehouse or production environment.

The user can supervise the power management of the iForks himself. The weighing system has an auto-shut-off function which automatically switches off the electronics after a period of non-use. Via a power management menu on the indicator the user can adjust the auto-shut-off time according to the use and application of the truck, or even switch it off completely.

iForks offers Digital Calibration Technology: via the keys of the indicator the scale can be digitally adjusted, quickly and accurately. Which makes for a very maintenance friendly weighing system and low cost of ownership.

iForks generates information on the move

The iForks indicator enables weight data transfer to a truck terminal, or directly to a WMS or ERP system via wireless networks. This provides information on material flows and helps to manage goods reception, shipping, order picking and stock control. In short: iForks is a very useful piece of added value to your lift truck and a cost saving tool that often provides full return on investment within a few months.

For more information or a free demonstration of iForks, contact RAVAS UK Ltd:
Tel: 01628 418161

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