4401300Schoeller Arca Systems, the global market leader in plastic containers for materials handling have the ideal product for the recycling of heavy duty batteries.

The Big Box, often referred to as a ‘battery box’, is a smooth-walled rigid pallet container widely used in the recycling industry for the collection and transportation of used batteries and other waste products.

The most popular Big Box is the 1200 x 1000 x 790mm version with 3 base runners to allow the boxes to be stacked on top of each other and handled by forklift trucks. These runners are replaceable should they break under the weight of the batteries whilst the container is inverted on rotational fork tines.

However, to counter this, Schoeller Arca has developed and supplies a unique version with reinforced base runners, thus protecting the integrity of the box and facilitating swift emptying. Therefore, “the Schoeller Arca Big Box is not only the most durable ‘battery box’ available but the most operationally and cost effective. Why use a less-suitable and easily breakable box, when the reinforced Big Box is the most reusable and fit-for-purpose solution?” commented Nick James, Sales Director at Schoeller Arca Systems.

With the increased focus on recycling and responsible scrapping, the battery recycling market has seen rapid growth and Schoeller Arca Systems believe they have the product range to assist in operational cost savings and increased productivity.

With the UK head office and warehouse in Abingdon and the worldwide head office in Zwolle, Netherlands, Schoeller Arca Systems employs over 1300 people worldwide and has a turnover of €500million. Schoeller Arca Systems standard range of products extends from Prelog foldable small containers and Big Boxes to Magnum foldable large containers and foldable IBC’s.

For further information contact Schoeller Arca Systems – Nick James – on nick.james@schoellerarca.com or 01235 863800.

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  1. We have found the version with wheels to be especially popular with our clients in the recycling industry. Although the wheels can get damaged when the boxes is are misused, we are able to supply replacement parts cheaply and the repair is straight forward. All in all great product!

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