_dsc0910ATMS has just launched a versatile terminal that is both low in cost and high in functionality. The ATMS DataStation is a Windows CE based device that can be used in both mobile and static applications. The unit has a 7 inch colour touch screen, SD memory card socket, and audio and video inputs / outputs. USB communications is included as standard, allowing the unit to be linked to a whole host of peripheral devices including keyboards, scanners, RFID readers, printers, network adaptors and mobile communication adaptors.   With a base price of under £500 the unit is set to revolutionise the market.

The Windows CE operating system, as used by most hand held and truck mount terminals in the market place, allows software applications to be written easily and reliably.

Location tracking and recording

Uniquely DataStation has an inbuilt GPS option allowing the mobile version of the unit to be used for location tracking activities such as yard management and vehicle tracking. Datastation opens up a whole new market for the management of outside storage yards, a fork lift truck equipped with DataStation can be tracked around the yard, the location of items being put away can be automatically recorded, the driver can be guided to locations for picking of items.

Static applications

DataStation is ideal for use within warehouses and production and packing facilities.  It can be linked to printers, bar code scanners, weigh-scales and similar devices. Its compact size and simplicity are sure to make the unit highly popular in applications of this nature.

ATMS plc
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