l_001603Swisslog has announced the availability of its newly developed Tornado miniload crane. When it comes to energy efficiency, the Tornado is the fastest miniload crane in its class thanks to consistent weight optimisation, modern control technology and an energy-saving design. The new solution was developed by Swisslog’s recently established Technology Centre and will be used in future intralogistics projects of Swisslog’s Warehouse & Distribution Solutions division.

Swisslog’s Tornado miniload crane is based on a modular system and a unique shared components concept. The scalable modular approach was applied to all levels of the system (mechanics, electrics, controls) to optimize transportability and simplify installation and maintenance. By using a shared components principle, the number of required spare parts can be minimized significantly. Tornado was designed for high endurance and long intervals between servicing and is therefore ideally suited for 3-shift operation.

With this new miniload crane, Swisslog sets new benchmarks in energy efficiency: Through a consistently lightweight construction and simplified design, the Technology Centre achieved a 25% weight reduction compared to cranes of similar height. Customers shall benefit from Swisslog’s extensive experience in optimized crane controls which contribute to lowering energy consumption in the miniload system. Tornado controls are an integral part of Swisslog’s standard controls concept AutomationControl™.

The Tornado miniload crane can be equipped with various load-handling units to transport cases, totes or trays weighing up to 120 kg. Typical application areas are distribution centres, production storage, buffer storage, the food & beverage sector and chilled or frozen storage. The system supports a height range of 7 to 20 meters and can be used for single or double-deep storage racks.

The Tornado’s maximum operating speed is 6 m/s its maximum vertical speed is 3 m/s. Swisslog’s miniload crane also excels through high acceleration rates: 5 m/s2 horizontally and 3 m/s2 vertically.

Swisslog UK Ltd
Emma Rawlinson
Tel: 01527 55 1600

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