fkiFKI Logistex has just completed work on a major automated archival storage facility in Wetherby, West Yorkshire with the aid of a CopriSystems canopy building, rented for just one year.

As an international specialist in integrated warehousing systems, FKI had been commissioned to provide a new automated storage facility replacing in excess of 150 kilometres of library shelving. Working within the tight space constraints of the existing buildings, additional space was required for the clean storage and construction of the racking system components before installation into the high bay storage area and CopriSystems was able to provide the ideal solution. A large 33m by 24m wide canopy was installed as a temporary workshop and goods marshalling area. The rental agreement was cost effective and avoided significant capital outlay.

As the canopy was a temporary feature, design modifications were made to ensure that the existing tarmac and infrastructure were not permanently marked. Groundworks were not required as the canopy was installed resting on structural concrete blocks, with a total weight of over 50 tons to prevent uplift in high winds. Designed as a freestanding structure, the canopy was flashed to the end of the existing building in order to provide an airtight protective cover.

The canopy was used for storing racking materials and also as an environmentally protective airlock between outside and the inside of the warehouse. Lighting was installed by CopriSystems and gate style curtain doors provided at both ends. CopriSystems was able to install and at the end of the rental period remove the structure with the minimum of disruption.

CopriSystems Ltd

Tel: 01794 301 000

FKI Logistex Limited

Tel: 01536 480 600

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