curtain-clear-mk-1-bleachWilson Trailers, the Keighley based trailer manufacturer has been awarded the ITM (Institute of Transport Management) environmental trailer award for 2009.

The award is for the development of their curved fronted, ‘Eco’ double deck trailer, which saves users an average of 15% off their fuel bill when compared to an old style ’flat top’ trailer.

‘The design of the Eco makes production cost effective’ says Graeme Wilson, Managing Director of the company, ‘and for a small premium a substantial reduction in operating costs can be achieved’.

Mark Ridgeway of P.S.Ridgeway, Dundee has calculated that he will save over £3,000 P.A. from just one trailer, a result he calls ‘significant’. Wilson also convert existing ‘flat top’ trailers to the ‘Eco’ design from £2,500 +vat.

The company has recently launched the next generation of the Eco trailer, christened ‘Curtain-Clear®’. ‘The Curtain-Clear®’ product is a fantastic addition to our product range’ enthuses Graeme. ‘It adds a further 3% fuel saving and allows operators to use 100% of deck space even in pedestrian free hub operations’. The trailer was developed with the assistance of Bleach of Lavant, who took delivery of the first trailer for their PalletForce operation.

The trailer has been in production for 6 months and there has been a reasonable take up from many of the big pallet networks. PalletForce, Palletline, Palletways, Pallex, UK Pallets and UPN have all introduced the trailers into their operations. Apart from the fuel savings available there are more gains to be made from the trailers ability to be turned around quicker than a standard trailer and the bonus that there is a significant lowering of health and safety risks as a result of the vastly improved visibility when the curtains are tied behind the trailer.

‘Users save money, hubs find the Curtain-Clear ® trailer easier to use and together we are saving the environment’ says Graeme tongue in cheek. ‘We are pleased to have won the award as we have worked very hard to show what can be achieved by some good old fashioned teamwork’.

ITM Awards Liaison Officer Mr. Philip Leung commented on the Award-winning Eco Deck as follows: “The Institute has placed a heavy emphasis this year on the environmental performance of nominated companies, since climate change is such a ‘hot’ topic.”

wilson-logo“In the opinion of the Awards Committee, one of the most effective products on the market in the logistics sector is the Wilson Eco Deck which is ingeniously designed to enhance operational efficiency. If more logistics businesses took on fleets of Eco Deck trailers, the sector could make a much greater impact on UK emissions reduction programmes than is currently the case. Since the family-run Wilson company believes in fair prices, acquiring a fleet of Eco Deck trailers is an achievable aim, and an investment which effectively pays for itself through a reduction in operational costs, chiefly expenditure on fuel. Therefore, along with congratulating Wilson Intelligent Trailers on winning the ‘Environmental Trailer Manufacturer of the Year 2009’ Award, I would like to take this moment to exhort logistics and transportation businesses to take up carbon-saving measures such as Eco Deck which make all the difference to companies’ operating costs, and transport’s cost to the environment.”

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