atmsATMS, the leading Birmingham, UK based supply chain systems company, has just launched its RemStock and RemLab module for GlobalTrack. GlobalTrack is the supply chain visibility solution that dovetails with StockTrackPLUS, the company’s warehouse management solution. The RemLab module has already been ordered by several ATMS clients and will be rolled out to several dozen manufacturing and logistics companies in the Far East and Eastern Europe in the next few months.   Sites in Bangladesh and China have already gone live.  Further roll outs are happening in Lithuania, Croatia, and across China.  The ATMS overseas offices in Dubai, China, Manila and Singapore have all helped with the internationalisation.

The system links customers in the UK and elsewhere, typically with suppliers and logistics providers in the Far East and Eastern Europe across the Internet.  Suppliers have full visibility of production orders and call off requirements.   As the supplier works on each order he uses the system to produce unique carton labels for each carton produced.   This in turn provides production information in almost real time back to the UK customer.  The system can also be used to confirm carton dimensions (cube) and weight; conformance checks such as pack size, quality measurements etc can also be carried out and verified.  The system can provide full traceability information and control over shelf life; expiry dates and best before information can be recoded.  Full use is made of the GS1 global standards for labelling and identification.

As each carton is loaded into a container for sea freight or into a unit load device for air freight it can be scanned. In this way an electronic pre-advice, packing list and manifest can be created, linking the load to the container or ULD number.  Further downstream the shipment can then be tracked simply by reference to the container / ULD number.   On arrival in the UK warehouse container stripping is speeded up significantly through the provision of accurate advanced shipment notification (ASN) information.

The system is proving to have benefits in terms of improved visibility of production and shipments, improved traceability, reduction in grey market / counterfeit issues, reduced labour, improved accuracy, reduced errors.

Also The RemStock module has already been ordered by one of ATMS’s largest customers for the management of remote warehouses. Remote and temporary warehouses have always presented problems in terms of control and ‘automation’.

RemStock is an intelligent mobile application that runs on a wide variety of mobile devices.  It typically uses GPRS for communications but can seamlessly transfer to Wifi where this exists.  Because of this it can be used in any warehousing environment, warehouses with no communications infrastructure and even warehouses with no power.  This allows companies to take on temporary warehouses as and when required.  It also allows small outlying stores to be controlled, even if they are not manned.

RemStock supports all the usual warehouse processes such as receipt, put away, pick and despatch.  Stock queries are supported, as is quality control.

The ATMS overseas offices in Dubai, China, Manila and Singapore have all helped with the internationalisation.

The system makes full use of GS1 standards for labelling and identification.

Both RemLab and RemStock are of course fully multilingual.

Tel: +44 (0) 121 628 9000
Fax: +44 (0) 121 359 4200

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