illustration1The latest addition to Couzens’ extensive range of space saving Carousels and Lifts is the Modula Vertical Lift picking and retrieval system.  Ideal for storing a variety of goods of different dimensions, shapes and sizes in a single unit, it automatically selects and transports items to and from the operator, raising productivity with faster picking and lower costs.

Vertical Lifts make maximum productive use of warehouse space, releasing 80% or more of the space required by conventional racking and shelving systems. The modular frame design, with heights from 2.8m to 14m as standard, enables companies to use often-neglected overhead space and even consolidate storage from other locations.

Trays can be supplied in a variety of lengths and depths up to 4.1m x 815mm to suit almost any application, with maximum storage capacity of up to 60,000kg in a single unit.  Automatic height optimisation technology and a photoelectric cell measuring gate recognise the characteristics of each item, selecting the most suitable location to maximise storage efficiency. Multiple access ports and twin tray delivery systems help to provide still faster, more efficient picking.

Badge and password protection entry systems are built into the software, controlling access to individual trays and groups of products.

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Keith Couzens
Tel: 01442 250010

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