herculeSafesite’s Hercule System provides the ideal fall arrest solution for operatives needing to access the top of trains, aircraft or vehicles such as lorries and tankers.

Hercule has been designed as a horizontal fall arrest/goods carrying enclosed track system, tested to the requirement of EN-795. The system caters for low ground clearance instances where conventional fall arrest solutions would not work, making it ideal for installation in industrial environments, warehouses, loading bays and vehicle/aircraft maintenance workshops.

Safesite’s Hercule enclosed track system, which incorporates a lightweight trolley with sealed bearings, allows workers to move freely and operate totally hands free along the length of the vehicle. The system’s trolley mechanism has the further important benefit of preventing the pendulum effect in the event of a fall which can often be a problem with conventional horizontal lifeline systems.

Safesite remains committed to ensuring that work at height is carried out safely and offers advice and CPD training on the correct use of products, as well as compliance with the latest legislation.

Further information on Safesite and its products can be found at www.safesite.co.uk.
Tel: 01293 529977

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