Welcome to the 15 February Warehouse & Logistics News. The romance may have gone out of the business world this Valentine’s Day, but it’s not total doom and gloom out there. We’ve plenty of success stories to inspire you, including good news from SumoGlove and BPI Films. The message is, the businesses that are likely to see out the current slow-down have the same attitude as the people that kept going through the recent snow: they grit their teeth and get on with the job. This gritty determination to succeed goes hand in hand with keeping a cool head and making plans about the resources you need for the months to come. We’ve got two features to help you get organised, both on items of kit that tend to get taken for granted until things goes wrong! Our Pallet Management feature is a review of the UK’s major national and regional pallet service providers: our Batteries Report covers batteries, battery charging, changing systems and battery management. Nothing succeeds like success – even these days. As reported on our front page, Simon Ross, MD of Sumo, is a happy man. Kodak’s Leeds lithographic plant trialled the SumoGlove fork tip impact reduction system last autumn. The initial trial involved two reach trucks fitted with Sumo gloves. Since then, there have been no reported incidents of product damage where these forklift trucks operate. The remaining suitable trucks at Leeds are now being fitted with the SumoGlove Impact Reduction System. It doesn’t stop there: Kodak’s Leeds Health & Safety Officer is recommending fitting them to all appropriate forklift trucks within the Kodak Corporation. Another great success story is the subject of our interview. bpi.films is the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality pallet stretch film, shrink films and speciality converter films, and part of British Polythene Industries plc, Europe’s largest producer of polythene film products. bpi.films continues to invest in the most advanced film manufacturing technologies, a strategy which has given rise to its two latest products – Wrapsmartultra, a 7 micron pre-stretched hand stretch wrap which, due to its thinner gauge, means less film by weight to wrap a given load, which means less packaging to dispose of, and Zeroll, a coreless hand-applied stretch wrap. As demand grows for these and the company’s other innovative products, bpi.films has recently expanded its main factory at Leominster and taken on more staff. It’s a great British success story all round. Are you involved in the warehousing and logistics industry? Have you got a good news story? Send it to us at Happy reading! Warehouse & Logistics News

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