swisslog.jpgSwisslog has selected AutoLogic Systems, leading supplier of materials handling software and consulting services, to support them in the delivery of a highly automated storage and order picking facility for Quinn Radiators, the largest manufacturer of domestic and designer radiators in the UK. Swisslog is a global supplier of integrated logistics solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from building complex warehouses and distribution centers to software and consulting services in the field of supply chain management.

The storage and picking of radiators has traditionally been a manual operation for Quinn Radiators. To increase efficiency and achieve large cost savings Quinn Radiators decided to automate their new facility in Newport and selected Swisslog to provide the total solution, including a fully automated highbay integrated with an automated picking system.

As a preferred supplier over a number of years, Swisslog appointed AutoLogic Systems to provide the specialist simulation solution required to test and analyse their design prior to installation.

AutoLogic chose AutoMod from their range of software solutions due to its’ capacity to deliver the most detailed simulations. The entire system was extremely complex due to the number of SKU’s and the wide variety of pallet base sizes required. The automated picking system was a particular area of concern due to the number of algorithms required to generate efficient mixed pallet builds. These algorithms were replicated in the simulation as part of the analysis.

James Sharples, Consulting and Design Manager at Swisslog, explains why they chose AutoLogic Systems to support them on a complex installation:
“We worked with AutoLogic as they developed a valid replication of our system design. We were then able to test our model at key stages in the design process using our own license of the AutoMod software. This allowed us to regularly demonstrate directly to our client exactly how the installation would work and test alternative options together. It was invaluable in terms of communication with the client and identifying areas requiring further development before we had even begun the physical installation.

“AutoMod provides an environment for building a highly accurate model for analysis and further development. Ultimately it produced a model that would enable Quinn to get the most out of their equipment, personnel and resources and reduce capital costs and operating expenses while increasing profits and facility utilisation.”

Andy Parsons at AutoLogic Systems comments: “The benefits of simulating a design prior to installation are clear in minimizing risk, improving design, reducing the risk of bottlenecks and enhancing a clients’ confidence in the deliverable. It can also be used to support capital investment analysis. Our extensive modelling solutions are playing a key role in the design and installation process for systems integrators, manufacturers and materials handling companies throughout Europe.”

For more information on the range of specialist software provided by AutoLogic Systems including AutoMod™, Demo3D™, MaxLoad® Pro, TOPS® Pro and Direct Route™ visit or call +44 (0)1844 281380.

For more information on Swisslog visit

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