buksesnedkeren.jpgBuksesnedkeren Selects RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management (WMS) and Workforce Management Solutions to Support Volume Growth of 12-15% Per Annum. Improved Warehouse Productivity will also enable faster Time-to-Market. RedPrairie Corporation, a world leading consumer driven optimisation company, announced today that Buksesnedkeren has selected RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management System and Workforce Management solutions to achieve best-in-class levels of productivity at their Danish distribution centre.

Buksesnedkeren designs and markets sports- and leisurewear and is the company behind famous brands like Signal and H2o.

Buksesnedkeren has an annual turnover of EUR 60 million and is represented in more than 15 European countries where the company is well known for its quality products and design. From its distribution centre north of Copenhagen the company supports multiple sales channels including its own stores, Internet shop, and major retailers and distributors on all continents.

Timing and precision are critical elements in the apparel industry. The clothing products have to reflect latest fashion and seasonal trends in order to meet the demands of fashion savvy consumers. But it is just as important for retailers like Buksesnedkeren to make sure the products reach stores as scheduled and when they are ‘hot’ items.

“As we continue to see volume growing at 12-15% each year, we are now supplying an increasing amount of retail customers across an increasing amount of countries, all with different requirements. This is making our supply chain more international and making the order fulfillment process much more complex because we need to plan further ahead in order to deliver on time and as expected. These issues made it clear to us that time was right to examine our supply chain and identify investment areas to improve efficiency” says Henrik Larsen, Supply Chain Manager at Buksesnedkeren.

“We started looking at a number of replacement systems on the market and contacted several national and international vendors – one being RedPrairie who came highly recommended via industry contacts. Early on in the evaluation process it became clear that RedPrairie was the obvious choice, due to the superior logic their WMS has around managing seasonal goods and prioritizing weekly deliveries, the powerful combination with Workforce Management, and the skill and experience of the RedPrairie team in our vertical,” says Henrik Larsen.

RedPrairie’s Workforce Management solution introduces specific standards and Preferred Methods in the organization and will give Buksesnedkeren visibility and measurement into all work related processes. In Buksesnedkeren’s current system it was not possible to see who was performing well, and who was performing below standard. RedPrairie’s solution enables Buksesnedkeren to monitor the results of each individual warehouse employee and measure their performance against individual key performance indicators and use coaching and incentive bonuses to improve employee morale and retention while continuously motivating their workforce to improve performance. They also get the flexibility to assign complex orders to certain employees with the appropriate skill set and experience to complete the task. “It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the amount of skilled warehouse personnel we need. RedPrairie’s Workforce Management solution will play a key role in sustaining our current workforce but also in attracting new workers” Henrik Larsen, Supply Chain Manager, Buksesnedkeren.

“We are delighted to be working with Buksesnedkeren and look forward to supporting their expansion,” comments Martin Hiscox, Managing Director & President International, RedPrairie, “As Buksesnedkeren have discovered, scalability is one of the key strengths of our solutions and explains why our customers are just as likely to be global top twenty retailers as small and medium businesses. But even more important is our ability to help drive revenue growth through retail and supply chain solutions that are driven by point-of-sale demand. On this point there is a great fit between RedPrairie and Buksesnedkeren.”

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