front-aug15.jpgWelcome to the 15 August Warehouse & Logistics News. If you’re reading your copy on the beach, we hope you’re having a great holiday. This column also appears on our web site, so if you’re reading this on-line on the beach while catching up on the world via your laptop or Blackberry, congratulations on your dedication, but perhaps you should try switching off a bit more? After months of doom and gloom about our economy, there’s a ray of good news. The Office for National Statistics has revealed UK manufacturers reporting a welcome drop in costs in July, fuelled by falling oil prices. US crude oil is now floating at around $116 a barrel after hitting $147 last month. Now we just need the sun to stay out to the end of September.

In this issue we have two major features, Batteries and Mezzanine Floors, to help your business stay in front. The Batteries Report includes batteries, battery charging and changing systems, which power the forklift fleets that keep industry moving. Mezzanine Floors covers these essential structures, along with the associated access walkways and staircases, which are so crucial in today’s high-rise, high-density warehouses.


Our exclusive interview this month is with John Porter, a Director of the ISO9001 registered British firm Mezzanine International Ltd, which designs, manufactures and installs individually designed mezzanine floors, platforms and structures enabling automated materials handling at increasingly high levels.

A Great British success, Mezzanine International’s single or multi-level mezzanines can be found as far afield as South America, in warehouses, distribution centres, cold stores, manufacturing plants, airports, offices and retail units – wherever businesses need to ensure better use of space to save money and increase profitability.


Mezzanine International’s fastest growth area of business is support structures for conveyors and sortation equipment for “big shed” warehouses and distribution centres, in new generation parcel sortation facilities and in airport facilities supporting baggage handling conveying systems, all to avoid the disruption that conveyors can cause to traffic flow on main floor levels.

We’ve also got a healthy-sized section on forklift trucks, setting the scene for our next issue (1 September), when we bring you our Health & Safety feature and our FLTA Safety conference supplement.

Finally, as we went to press, our swimmers were among our athletes breaking British records in Beijing. If any readers out there have sporting employees who have been taking part in the Olympics, please tell us how they did. Have a good month!

Charles Smith

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