oblique.jpgA new colour coded label from inotec UK is finding favour with a growing number of logistics companies throughout Europe due to its ability to improve pallet placement and scanning accuracy. The new INOcode rack identification labels are firstly colour matched to the individual crossbeam (rack height) labels, ensuring that placing the pallet at higher levels is more easily and accurately achieved.

In addition, the unique tilted barcode makes scanning more foolproof ensuring that the data scanned and actual pallet position are 100% matched. With traditional labels the wrong label can easily be scanned but the beep from the scanner only confirms a read, rather than confirming that the correct barcode has been scanned.

The labels are available in both crossbeam and upright formats and are produced in a fade proof laminated format to give years of use in the harshest of environments.

With inotec’s standard crossbeam labels and SAFEcontractor installation service the new INOcode gives you the chance to upgrade from old black and white labels to colour and improve your accuracy and racking appearance all at a competitive price.

inotec UK
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