somo.jpgMobile technology can radically improve the efficiency of many supply chain and logistics processes, from parcel tracking and proof of delivery to warehouse management and vehicle inspections. Socket Mobile provides a business mobility system that is flexible and fully customizable for diverse supply chain and logistics applications. The SoMo™ 650 is a durable, business-class handheld computer with high-performance features including plenty of memory and processing speed, business-class Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi®, and a long life cycle of three to five years. Strategically designed with a modular approach, the SoMo 650 easily expands with peripheral devices, so you can tailor it for your business requirements.

The SoMo 650 can be deployed out of the box with Socket Mobile or third-party peripherals thanks to its CompactFlash and Secure Digital card slots, powerful Bluetooth 2.0 radio, and pre-loaded Socket Mobile software. This makes it easy to add devices like a cordless bar code scanner for hands-free voice picking, an RFID reader for tracking inventory, or a plug-in Ethernet card for updating work orders on the move. Customising with the right peripherals enables you to get the most relevant data for your business in a format that is practical and easy to use for your employees. The adaptability of the Socket Mobile business mobility system, together with its long lifespan, means that you can keep using and fine tuning the solution even as your business evolves.

There are many players in the supply chain and logistics industry, from large international corporations with regional distribution centers to small, local businesses with a handful of employees. The Socket Mobile business mobility system provides a viable and affordable solution for small-to-mid-sized deployments in organisations of any size, so that a modest-sized company can benefit from the same technology and business efficiencies as its larger counterparts.

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