trw-3.jpgFollowing a customer’s request for side loading, TRW, based in Peterlee, County Durham, approached CopriSystems to design a canopy to fulfil its specific requirements. With heavy winds, car parking and drainage considerations, there were several site issues to be dealt with. Manufacturing electronic components for the car industry, the Peterlee site is particularly busy; with multi point pick ups, high volume loading and numerous vehicles at any one time. Loading previously was direct onto vehicles from the factory using dock levellers at the rear, or outside in the open air.

To facilitate the new loading operation, CopriSystems designed a side wall mounted canopy attached to the existing warehouse measuring 18m wide, 20m long and 5m high. Roller shutter doors were positioned centrally at both ends to allow vehicle access through the canopy. Gate style fabric doors can be seen either side of the roller shutter. With the canopy providing environmental protection, temporary storage of goods was also possible prior to loading.

Shortly after purchasing the canopy, expansion of the TRW manufacturing operation meant that additional temporary storage space was required. TRW contacted CopriSystems who were able to extend the canopy a further 50m along the side of the existing warehouse with limited disruption to work on site. A rental agreement was arranged for the temporary extension.

At the end of the rental period, the extension of the canopy was removed and the original canopy relocated to another area on site.
“The canopy is excellent and absolutely fit for purpose.” said Michael Dring, Industrial Engineering Manager, “We looked around the market and CopriSystems were able to provide us with what we required.”

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