The UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA) plays a vital role as the single voice of the material handling industry, dedicated to creating an environment where all its members can prosper, and technical excellence is paramount.

David Goss
Technical Director at UKMHA

Promoting improved safety standards industry-wide remains a main priority, aided by existing campaigns including National Forklift Safety Day and the Safety Convention. In addition to collating focused market intelligence, which is shared between all members, the association ensures that member needs are considered in key areas of legislation, including on key issues such as safety, trade and training. Representation on European and International standards committees will ensure the highest standards are consistently maintained.

One of the areas which has grown rapidly is the use of high voltage equipment in the material handling industry and in 2022, UKMHA released its latest Guidance Notes (GN70) to address this. The new GN70 ‘Working On High Voltage MHE’, promotes safe working practices for the inspection, maintenance and repair of high voltage systems on MHE.

UKMHA Technical Director, David Goss, explains “Safety is at the core of UKMHA and with the continuing trend towards higher voltages, we have published this Guidance Note to highlight the risks associated with working with this type of MHE and detail risk reduction.”

In addition, UKMHA released a new Fact Sheet earlier this year entitled “Battery Producer Responsibilities”. This guidance is freely available from the UKMHA website and is aimed at anyone introducing industrial trucks to the UK marketplace.

2022 also saw the launch of the UKMHA Safety Alerts which have been created by the UKMHA Health & Safety Group to highlight hazards and safe working practices for technicians working on material handling equipment. The most recent of these focussed on the potential risks and how to avoid them when having difficulties cold starting an LPG forklift engine.

David Goss adds, “Next year we will be releasing more Guidance Notes, Safety Alerts, Fact Sheets and Technical Bulletins to keep our members up to date with the latest information. During 2023 we will continue to hold events such as the Safety Convention, which brings together safety professionals from across the industry, and our hugely successful Archies, showcasing the best in the industry with these awards for excellence.

“As we move into 2023, it is clear the industry will continue to face new challenges in the economy, technology and the environment. UKMHA will continue to support and update our membership on legislation, best-practice and Health & Safety associated with latest developments.”

UKMHA represents all the interests of the UK’s material handling industry. Forthcoming events in 2023 include the Archies, National Forklift Safety Day and Safety Convention.


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