As the UK’s fastest growing accrediting body for workplace transport training, AITT continues to maintain its momentum thanks to the introduction of new staff, new systems and additional resources.

Liam Knight
Managing Director at AITT

Importantly, and unlike all its rivals, AITT is the only membership-run accrediting body in this sector and, in order to maintain its customer focus, operates exclusively as a non-profit making organisation.

Its sole purpose, therefore, is to deliver the highest training standards for operators, instructors and tutors, delivering training on all types of workplace transport and material handling equipment.

As part of the Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA), it works to continuously review categories of equipment – including entirely new types entering the market – to ensure the greatest possible clarity and consistency. This has been reflected in more stringent and relevant testing standards developed in conjunction with representatives from across UK industries.

Those testing standards are routinely updated to align with the latest legislation and best practice, and to ensure that all accrediting bodies test to the same parameters. That is set to continue in 2023 when testing standards for MEWPs will be updated.

One of the key aspects of working with an accrediting body like AITT is that you’ll never work alone.

You’ll receive the guidance and resources you’ll need to ensure you are working in line with the latest best practice procedures and official guidelines. You’ll also benefit from a quality control methodology that runs through everything we do.

Training providers accredited to AITT, for example, are annually audited to ensure they employ the correct policies, procedures and support in place for their instructors. We believe this is fundamental to maintaining the highest levels of competence. In 2022 AITT introduced online accreditation feedback developed to make it easier and faster for training providers to complete (typically taking less than 5 minutes).

Working with AITT also ensures continuity, so the quality and content of the training remains high from one year to the next, regardless of the individual trainer.

That level of performance is one reason why membership levels are running at an all-time high, with an appropriate spread across individual, business and corporate members, with growing engagement from national organisations operating across multiple sites.

Typical of these is Asda Logistics Services which called upon AITT to accredit a nationwide lift truck operator training programme. As a result of that collaboration, 130 Category 1 instructors are gaining the skills and qualifications to go on and train thousands of Asda lift truck operators nationwide.

This training will be standardised across all Asda sites, with the emphasis on greater awareness, knowledge and accountability when using lift trucks, which helps the company better protect colleagues and minimise the risk of accidents on site.

As AITT members, Asda Logistics Services receives access to a wealth of information and resources, including the latest digital test sheets, training manuals, presentations, HSE guidance and more.

Looking ahead, a key focus for AITT in 2023 will be to continue addressing an acute shortage of instructors in the industry and attract greater numbers of suitable candidates.


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