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At Exporta, we’re proud to be able to continuously supply our customers with the goods they need, when they need them. Exporta have a great core range of plastic pallets, euro containers, pallet boxes, pallet collars and much more. We understand the important role these products play in ensuring warehouse operations, transportation and logistics continue to function seamlessly and keep supply chains moving. That’s why we are committed to having so many products in stock.

The last couple of years have been a challenge, for many reasons. Most recently, supply chain and materials shortages have meant getting the goods you need has been more difficult. At Exporta, through careful planning and industry expertise, we are in a good position to continue to supply our customers with the products they need, despite these challenging times.

We currently have over 150,000 products in stock available to you with Next Day Delivery.

This includes, 27,000 Plastic Pallets, 21,000 Pallet Collars & over 40,000 Crates and Containers. We have 6 containers full of stock arriving weekly to make sure we can get the products you need to you, when you need them.

Advice You Can Count On – Plastic Packaging Tax

In 2021, the UK Government published details of a new plastic packaging tax (PPT) that would come into effect from April 2022. This new tax will help encourage the use of recycled plastic packaging material, reusing responsibly, and directing more plastic away from the landfill pile. With COP26 still in the minds of many, and most businesses taking a greener approach to operations, the plastic packaging tax is just another step in supporting the governments “A Green Future” plan.

As per the government’s guidelines, “This is a new tax that will apply to plastic packaging manufactured in, or imported into the UK, that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. Plastic packaging is packaging that is predominantly plastic by weight. It will not apply to any plastic packaging which contains at least 30% recycled plastic, or any packaging which is not predominantly plastic by weight.

Imported plastic packaging will be liable to the tax, whether the packaging is unfilled or filled”.

Who will be affected by the Plastic Packaging Tax?

Anyone who imports or manufactures 10 or more tonnes of plastic packaging within a 12-month period. If you fall into this category, then you must register for PPT.

How can Exporta help?

We aim to increase the recycled material content in most of our products where possible. By doing so, the PPT will not apply. 98% of our pallets are made from recycled materials, and 100% of our plastic pallets can be recycled. All our plastic pallets come with an Eco Grade rating too. This helps to understand the environmental impact of the chosen pallets.

Innovative New Products – Roll Containers

At Exporta, we are constantly adding new products that can help you solve any warehouse or supply chain problem you might have. Our latest addition is our brand new range of Roll Containers. They are in stock, ready to be with you on Next Day Delivery.

Sometimes called a roll container, roll trolley, roll pallet, or cage trolley, these containers are hugely versatile and are a crucial part of many warehouse and retail operations. The range focuses on two key styles of roll container commonly used in the UK. Our range is also supported with spare parts and accessories such as shelves and straps.

Discussing the new range, Purchasing Manager John Wilkin said, ‘I’m delighted with the new range and the versatility it gives our regular roll container users. Getting these containers to them with next day delivery is something we’ve been passionate about providing so I’m delighted to see this range unveiled.’

With a strong, reinforced design, our new roll containers come with 3 or 4 sides and a choice of mesh infill type. On the base there are two fixed castors and two swivel castors for maximum flexibility and movement. The roll containers are finished with a smart, bright zinc plate.

With the rise of eCommerce businesses throughout the UK, Exporta is committed to providing products that support these types of operations. Roll Containers have become an integral part of many warehouse set-ups. Exporta also provide picking containers and crates that work with these roll containers as well as a wide range of products to suit eCommerce, retail, and other various industry needs.

Exporta – Get In Touch

Our team are ready to discuss any enquiries you may have. We’d be delighted to discuss our approach to providing sustainable solutions to you and to talk you through our product range.


t: 0800 294 4394

e: sales@exportaglobal.co.uk

w: www.exportaglobal.co.uk


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