Spaciotempo are delighted to be pioneering the use of patented Low E™ thermo polyester roof technology, an enhanced energy efficient insulator, in the temporary and semi-permanent buildings sector.

This type of solution is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard thermo roof covers on the market, as it reduces the amount of energy required to keep Spaciotempo buildings at a regulated temperature.

Furthermore, customers will also reap the financial benefits due to lower cost energy bills.

Working in conjunction with German industrial equipment specialists Seybold, the inflated roof covers include a 43mm polyester fleece between PVC layers and boasts a low U-value meaning that it takes longer for heat to transmit through it. The lower the U-value, the better the material performs as an insulator. Additionally, the polyester fleece allows natural light to transmit through layers easier, reducing the need to rely on artificial light energy sources.

When combining these factors, it makes it an extremely appealing solution for businesses who either need to chill or heat their temporary building to a certain standard. It has been proven to be up to 78% more efficient than the standard PVC thermo roof cover, especially through the Winter months.

Daniel Barker, Sales Director for Spaciotempo, said “Spaciotempo is committed to developing increasingly sustainable solutions for our customers, which benefit the environment while saving customers money – a serious consideration with UK fuel prices on the rise.”

“The polyester fleece also improves the translucency of the roof, as it lets more light through which, in turn, means our customers need to spend less on lighting the building.”


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