Hörmann UK continue to set the standard for communication within the marketplace by the successful staging of a virtual Innovation Day, an event consisting of a series of films and relaxed panel discussions – all focused on highlighting the Hörmann difference. Led by Hörmann UK Managing Director, Wolfgang Gorner, the seminar concentrated not only on providing in-depth information on products and services for the industrial market, but also on the people and expertise that make the company unique.

Topics included the new Series 60 industrial sectional door which featured a fast-moving speed test film ably illustrating just how quick the door opens. An animated film of the company’s service lifecycle was included in the service discussion, with colleagues from Germany and Italy joining the Perimeter Systems panel to add their specialist knowledge to the event. The steel door discussions covered the extensive product range and its unique features, with the team joined by the International Distribution Manager from door manufacturer Tortec in Austria.

Commenting on the event, Wolfgang Gorner said “Under normal circumstances Hörmann would have held an Innovation Day in person at our Coalville site. However, Covid has made us all rethink how we do things and think creatively, hence the event being online. This is the first of its kind and adds to our already extensive online offering on our YouTube channel which includes product information, online training and a number of fun promotional videos.

The day covered a variety of market leading solutions and applications, but throughout it was very much about our people and defining the Hörmann Difference – what makes us unique in the market.

Everyone involved joined in with great enthusiasm and were keen to get what is an incredibly positive message out to the market. Being online had the added benefit of being able to include our colleagues from overseas.

Saying that you are the market leader is fine, but you have to be able to define and justify what that means. I am positive that the content provided goes a long way to substantiating our leading position and what makes us different in a personal, relaxed and fun manner.”

The topics covered in this year’s virtual innovation day are now available for all to view on the Hörmann YouTube channel https://youtu.be/jEctFYyDfW8 and can also be accessed by scanning the QR code.

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