Warehouses are filled to capacity, skilled workers are in short supply and lorry drivers are thin on the ground. The distribution industry is facing challenges, the likes of which we have not seen before, and the growth of ecommerce shows no sign of slowing down.

As the bottleneck of any logistics hub, the loading bay cannot be overlooked when it comes to re-evaluating supply-chain strategies. A cramped loading bay poses greater accident risks, so it is critical that this space has the flexibility to cope with the situation as it stands in the short term but can also continue to work efficiently as a business grows in the long term.

CopriSystems’ bespoke loading bays provide that flexibility and guarantee a high-performance solution, whether it is required as a short-term fix or is integral to a long-term plan. Customised to suit the individual needs of each business and space available, however irregular that may be, these prefabricated structures are relocatable. This has been especially welcomed by businesses that are not able to think too far ahead right now or commit to a fixed location.

CopriSystems’ single span canopies or domes, with no internal supports, can help to conserve space so it is used more efficiently during busier times and used safely to comply with social distancing requirements. Critically, they can also help to conserve energy by helping to reduce heat loss from the warehouse.

At a time when environmental issues are on everyone’s minds, Johnson Matthey are busier than ever. While that’s good for business, it can compromise safety on site, so they briefed CopriSystems to design and install a temporary facility, which would help reduce the risks associated with being exposed to high winds in the trailer loading area. The canopy, measuring 36m wide with a length of 18m, is in two sections. The main section, used for loading of vehicles has an internal height of 5.57m and the smaller section, used for storage, has a height of 4.3m.

When warehouses reached full capacity for Radius Warehouse & Logistics Services, they were forced to store surplus stock outside, covered under tarpaulin. This takes significant manpower as well as time to manoeuvre and secure. It’s also inconvenient to access and doesn’t offer an effective long-term solution for protecting goods from the elements.

CopriSystems visited them at the beginning of September 2020 and they placed an order the following day for a retractable canopy structure measuring 4m wide x 5m long x 4m high, flashed to their existing building and with curtain doors at the front. Ground tracks were set into the concrete to prevent trip hazards and allow forklifts to drive over with no issues. The whole structure was designed, built and installed by the end of October 2020.

Many businesses are having to make changes fast and CopriSystems are witnessing first hand how the rapid design, off-site construction and quick installation process of their structures can address these changes without compromising day-to-day activity.

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