Whether using a ladder or scissor lift, mounting heavy luminaires above your head is difficult. The new Highbays from Tungsram are extremely lightweight when compared to the light output. Up to 60K lumens can be produced from a single fixture – traditionally you would expect weights of 5kg+. These highbays have all unnecessary weight stripped out whilst maintaining the required amount of heat dissipation to ensure a long life.


Energy savings are at the top of most customer’s agendas, so the expectation is that lighting is on only when needed. Auriso and Duros have on-board sensors that control lighting based on motion (SN), daylight harvesting and motion sensing (RFM) or simply on/off (RFS). These features avoid electricians having to install secondary sensors, saving time and money.


Typically, brackets are an add-on accessory that are often forgotten when ordering. Highbays turn up on site and there is no way to mount them. The Duros and Auriso have brackets built into the fixture. If suspension is required, Y-cables or pendant mounting options are also available.


•Power consumption: 64-430W

•Luminous flux: from 10 to 60 klm in 5 klm steps

•Efficacy: 135-161 lm/W

•Color temp: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

•CRI: 70, 80

•Temperature range: -30 to +50ºC

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