As the weather starts to turn colder and inevitably wetter, the Smart-Space team finds that the demand for loading bays and canopies increases. Of course that’s because their instant building solutions protect people and stock from the elements. So much stock can be damaged or ruined through poor storage and, of course, no one likes to work and load vehicles in the rain – and it’s not ideal transport wet stock. The Smart-Space team enjoys resolving logistical challenges, most of which have been encountered on some level before.

Mitchells Power Systems.

Avon Freight Group is an established, successful freight forwarders and supply chain logistics business. The effects of Brexit meant that stocks were consistently high as Avon’s customers foresaw an opportunity to stock up in anticipation of trading disruption. Smart-Space provided an intelligent solution that resolved the issue of additional storage and also the need for efficient loading and unloading of vehicles. Two buildings pitched side-by-side provided exactly what was required.

“We have found the loading bay invaluable for our side loading vehicles” explained Martin Bullimore, Head of Logistics at Avon Freight. “To operate most profitably means to fill the lorries to maximum capacity safely and that is done most effectively from the side access as we can load more efficiently. Being under cover is also a great bonus as it keeps both our stocks and people dry.”

Adelie Foods is based on a prominent industrial park in Heathrow. The company delivers bakery products all over London so it was really important that the products were kept dry and fresh. The landlord of the park didn’t like the idea of having anything that looked temporary on the prestigious site. Smart-Space came up with a design for bespoke loading canopies that blended in and looked as though they had been there since day one.

“We chose Smart-Space because they came up with a design that the standard rental companies could not achieve. Having the silver steel roof instead of the PVC one enabled us to keep our landlord happy and our business moving forward.”

Mitchells Power Systems, commercial diesel power and transmission distributor, reworked an unsuitable legacy building by calling in Smart Space to provide a fresh solution. As a quicker and more cost effective alternative to traditional building work, Smart Space adjoined an open-ended, covered loading bay to the existing warehouse. Furthermore, this lightweight, permanent, steel structure was clad in ocean blue panels to match the existing building.

“We embrace every challenge we are presented with” explained Jason Lynock, Sales Director at Smart-Space. “We do everything we can to create a practical solution and then back that up with flexible options, including no minimum hire periods. And off-hire can be organised with one week’s notice. We make sure our customers enjoy doing business with us by operating fairly, transparently and openly. It’s really important we offer the client what’s best for them, and not just what we have. PVC structures are superb for certain applications, but the idea that one size fits all is far from the truth. Our portfolio includes temporary, interim, permanent and maxi-span so we genuinely can draw from a variety of options. Give us a problem and we’ll step up every time.”



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