Whilst loading bays may seem like just another feature of a warehouse, they actually play a crucial role in the supply and transportation of goods. A loading bay is a recessed area of a warehouse or industrial building that facilitates the safe and efficient loading and unloading of trucks and other goods vehicles. They allow drivers to park closer to the loading area, making it easier for the personnel to load and unload the goods quickly and safely.

Greater Efficiency

By allowing vehicles to park closer to the loading area, warehouse personnel can load and unload deliveries much faster than if they were to have to travel a longer distance between the vehicle and loading area. Not only does this improve the efficiency of the operation, but it also helps businesses to meet their critical delivery deadlines more easily and sometimes delivering goods early which helps to maintain a good relationship with customers.

Additionally, in the time saved during the loading and unloading process, staff can get on with other tasks, speeding up the entire operation and saving money.

Safer Way of Working

Loading bays make the job of loading and unloading much safer for personnel as they don’t have to carry the goods as far between the vehicle and loading area, reducing the risk of injuries related to moving and handling, particularly with heavier goods.

Protection Against the Elements

As loading bays are situated inside the warehouse, your staff, goods, and trucks are better protected from the outdoor elements, keeping staff comfortable, the goods undamaged from rain and reducing the risk of slips on ice during the colder months when unloading and loading the goods.

Protection Against Pests

Similarly, when vehicles and goods are left outside during loading and unloading, they are at risk of pests such as flies, rats, and wasps. By loading and unloading inside, the risk of these pests getting in is significantly reduced.

Better Security

Leaving vehicles unattended outside of the warehouse when carrying the goods between the vehicle and the loading area can leave them vulnerable to theft as it takes just a few seconds for a daring thief to run and take what they can or get behind the wheel and take the vehicle itself. By loading and unloading the goods inside the warehouse, only staff have access to what’s in the vehicle, improving security and reducing the risk of theft.

Trans Dock Loading Bays and Associated Equipment

Dock Shelters

Trans Dock shelters are designed to provide a high sealing solution between the warehouse and a wide range of vehicles. Benefits include protection during movement of goods between loading bays and vehicles as well as an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Dock Buffers/Bumpers

Dock buffers/bumpers offer greater protection for vehicles when reversing into the loading bay by absorbing the impact should there be any accidental bumps. Benefits include easy installation and maintenance as well as heavy duty and hard wearing materials.

Dock Pads

In combination with the dock shelters and bumpers, dock pads help to seal the back of the vehicle to the warehouse. The seal is created by the vehicle backing onto the pads which compress until the vehicle makes contact with the bumpers.

Dock Levellers

Trans Dock levellers facilitate the safe movement of goods by bridging the gap between the warehouse and vehicle, making the transfer much smoother too. Benefits include safer movement, convenience, simple install and maintenance and heavy duty and hard wearing materials.

Wheel Guides

Our wheel guides can help your delivery vehicles align in the correct position for loading and unloading, making the process of reversing into the bays much simpler for the driver. Benefits include their simplistic structure, minimal maintenance and hard wearing materials.

At Trans Dock, we specialise in supplying and installing the most efficient and reliable equipment for loading bays and warehouse facilities. As a trading division of BID Group Limited, our expert engineers are able to install, repair and service all types of industrial doors, dock levellers, shelters, gates, barriers, and associated equipment. Get in touch with Trans Dock to discuss our services further, or to arrange a free site survey and quotation. www.transdock.co.uk



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