The benefits and savings enabled by voice-controlled warehouse operations are now open to all budgets with the launch of EPG’s flexible rental service. Customers now have access to EPG’s hugely successful Lydia Voice technology via a simple and flexible subscription.

Voice technology has made intralogistics faster and more cost-effective. Although the technology is proven to show a swift return on investment, the upfront costs have until now been an understandable bar for logistics managers with tight budgets and priorities to juggle.

EPG’s LYDIA Voice is easy to operate and implement. Requiring no user training, it issues simple voice commands to warehouse staff via ergonomic headsets or a wearable vest.

The flexible all-in-one package includes all necessary voice and connector licences and an optional hardware bundle; LYDIA Voice can be integrated into any existing WMS or ERP. Users do not need to adopt EPG’s ground-breaking supply chain software suite.

“We’re delighted to have come up with a way for companies to leverage major improvements in quality and performance in their picking operations within an incredibly short space of time – even during these challenging times,” said Gavin Clark, EPG UK Country Manager.



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