Yale Europe Materials Handling is pleased to unveil the first of a new generation of high performance electric trucks designed for use in demanding applications.

“At Yale, we are committed to developing industry-leading materials handling equipment that provides excellent productivity, ergonomics and low cost of ownership for our customers. The ERP70-90VNL is the first in a new range of high performing electric trucks for high intensity applications,” said Ivor Wilkinson, Solutions Manager at Yale.

A truck you can depend on

The Yale® ERP70-90VNL electric counterbalance truck is powered by a high capacity integrated lithium-ion battery.

Rapid opportunity charging enables the truck to support up to an intensive three-shift operation without a reduction in performance or productivity levels. The truck is able to charge during regular work breaks, eliminating the need for battery exchange. The charging infrastructure can be fitted close to break rooms to maximise the efficiency of customers’ operations, and a full state of charge can be achieved from flat in just 80 minutes.

“Customers in multiple-shift applications can see payback on the initial purchase of lithium-ion trucks in under two years, making the truck a viable option for those seeking low cost of ownership,” said Ivor. A Yale lithium-ion battery can provide four times the delivered energy of a lead acid battery before replacement.

The high levels of throughput of the ERP70-90VNL in multiple shift applications make it ideal for customers in the paper, wood and metal industries who require a truck capable of handling large loads while performing reliably and consistently.

“We have an extensive range of front-end options that can be fitted to the ERP70-90VNL, enabling it to work with brick and block, engineered timber, construction materials and metals,” explained Ivor.

A comfortable operating experience

Yale Continuous Stability Enhancement enables the ERP70-80VNL counterbalance truck to travel over uneven surfaces, supporting the smooth transition between indoor and outdoor operation. It also enjoys superior controllability, resulting in precise handling and a class-leading turn radius.

The design of the mast provides the operator with excellent visibility through the mast, enhancing confidence during transport and lifting of loads.

“The lift and drive systems are fully independent from one another, so there is no drop in performance when a simultaneous lifting and moving operation is carried out,” said Ivor.

“For customers looking for sustainable options for their fleet, the ERP70-90VNL offers a viable choice in terms of performance, convenience, cost of ownership and zero emissions. These industries may never have considered battery-powered equipment, thinking it would be unable to deliver high levels of productivity, but with rapid opportunity charging of the battery enables, the ERP70- 90VNL can perform up to three shifts a day without compromising its productivity. This is a truck customers can place their trust in – even in the most demanding of applications,” concluded Ivor.

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