MCR Safety Europe is a long-established manufacturer and supplier of specialist hand protection. Our gloves are used extensively in warehousing and logistics where research has enabled us to understand the challenges faced by the Order Picking Operation.

We work in partnership with our clients to provide cost-effective solutions, designed for purpose to enhance employee productivity.

These four work-gloves have been championed by our clients within the industry and identified as essential PPE within their warehouse and logistic operations. Each offers unique protective properties to increase confidence and efficiency for the end-user.

Contour Avenger – Second Skin Glove

Wear this glove like a second-skin; work fast and efficiently, maybe even forget it’s on your hand. Enjoy the freedom of movement and amazing dexterity yet know you’re protected from the nasty knocks and scrapes that come with the territory in the world of order picking.

You may be switching tasks from lifting and shifting to handling small or delicate objects; this is where Contour Avenger is your best friend. It allows you to make that transition without a second thought, hence saving time and leaving you free to just get on with the job.

GP1002PU – Dexterous & Robust

A lightweight glove designed for reliable grip, ideal for hand-balling goods at speed. The coating is “Polyurethane”, a supple material, renowned for its excellent grip. The textured finish really maximises the strength of your hold.

It’s a dexterous glove offering resistance to abrasive surfaces, allowing for precision handling and heavier work too. The breathable nature of the shell combined with the highly flexible PU coating make it comfortable for all-day wear.

GP1002PV – PVC Dot Grip

This glove is a real manual handing stalwart; the PVC dot palm is the trademark of a storeman’s glove. You know it will grip; you can be sure of a firm hold on cardboard, wood, metal plastic and much more. It’s also dexterous, comfortable, breathable and resilient in the face of a challenge!

WL1048HP1 Thermal Insulation

This glove protects you from cold; ideal for refrigerated picking operations or in huge sheds with no heating. The nylon shell and HTP coating work together to form an insulated barrier and extreme cold flexibility so your movement is not restricted.

A sponge-touch finish provides excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions and it has Hydropellent Technology, synonymous with dexterity and breathability. The seamless nylon shell also allows your skin to breathe, its sanitised to prevent unpleasant odours and produces minimal lint.

Eye Protection

We’re also experts in Eye-Protection with our own in-house optical lab. We operate a fully automated online ordering system for prescription eyewear and we have an extensive range of non-prescription which you can view on our website.

Learn more about our range:

MCR Safety Europe

t: 01922 457421



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