It is not the performance of modern production machines but their material supply that promises the greatest potential for further productivity increases in industrial companies today. Warehouse operators are looking for solutions that can be adapted as a flexible and modular pallet management system to meet a wide range of application requirements. Operators want conveying and sortation systems that can automate work processes in front of the machine production to avoid manual activities in safety-critical areas and manage the pallet work flow by buffering, sorting, sequencing and carrying at the right time to deliver significant improvement of the machine down time, optimising the return on investment. This not only eliminates costly production interruptions for material supply to machines, but also the risk of accidents during operation.

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Congratulations to Interroll, which has launched its European “Truckloads of Inspiration” road show. Truck and trailer are now on the move until October 2021 with the roadshow team covering around 40 stopovers in Europe. Besides dedicated customer events supported by Interroll’s local sales units, the road show itinerary includes public stops as well as a number of university visits where Interroll will present itself as an employer of choice to young talents.

A global leader in the logistics industry, specialising in international shipping, courier services and transportation has invested in a new packing sortation conveyor system from LAC Conveyors & Automation. The solution had to be able to accommodate material arriving and departing from trucks with loose loaded material, cages and pallets and have a throughput of more than 2,000 parcels per hour to the delivery vehicles. The DWS system provided a fully automated pre-sort to and from the courier vans and incorporated a rework area for those items identified by the host system as requiring manual intervention.

Well done to Leuze which has introduced the new CMS 700i 3D, presenting a world’s first for volume measurements: a complete solution for the fault-free storage of goods that can be autonomously commissioned and maintained by WebConfig. The CMS 700i detects the contour and position of passing objects regardless of their shape and surface structure. Even flat objects such as polybags can be precisely and economically detected.

In an omni-channel operation, there is often a need for separate retail and e-commerce warehouse technology. With a pocket sorter, such as Vanderlande’s AIRTRAX, there is no need to make this distinction. A pocket sorter can replace different technologies, but it can also act as a backbone in combining and interfacing different technologies.

Conveying and sortation systems have in the past been too rigid for today’s environment. By the time a company has signed off the installation of their generic conveyor equipment, it is already too small, cannot adapt to new requirements or it is in the way of another expanding area of the warehouse. It’s encouraging to witness the conveying and sortation industry showing the required flexibility to meet the needs of the ever-changing warehousing and distribution industry.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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