The new highly economical 5B sensor series from Leuze detects objects reliably and cost- effectively. At the same time, the sensors are easy to handle.

Sensors for presence control in intralogistics, packaging processes or the automotive industry often have to fulfil several requirements: they need to detect objects reliably, they must be easy to install and, above all, must be cost-effective. This is why Leuze has developed the new 5B sensor series. They offer flexible handling and a high level of cost-effectiveness. These are often decisive arguments in cases where a system requires a large number of sensors. Leuze offers the sensors as retroreflective photoelectric sensors, throughbeam photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors. The 5B series is certified to the IP67 degree of protection and ECOLAB.

Fast alignment and startup

With their compact housing (11 x 32.4 x 20 millimetres; W x H x L), the sensors are ideal for situations with limited installation space. As a result, they can be installed close to conveyor lines for example. Furthermore, the 5B series is compatible with the previous series in terms of mounting. This makes modernisation easier. The metal inserts with M3 thread also contribute to easy installation. Configuration is simple too. Thanks to the user-friendly potentiometer, system operators can quickly adjust the sensors and adapt them to changing conditions at any time. The homogeneous and clearly visible light spot makes the sensors easy to align. Various electrical connection options, e.g. by cable, M8 connector or pigtail, help maximise flexibility. A further advantage with regard to installation and status display is the 360° visible LED indicator.

Also detects glossy objects

The 5B series sensors reliably detect even depolarising objects such as reflective, shrink-wrapped or glossy objects. The throughbeam photoelectric sensors operate at a switching frequency of up to 900 Hz and thus offer a high performance and function reserve. The operating range of this model is up to 15 metres, and up to 6.5 metres in the case of the retroreflective photoelectric sensors. The diffuse sensors operate with a switching frequency of up to 1000 Hz.

Last but not least, Leuze has also thought about protection against unwanted access. The light/dark switching of the output can be made tamperproof by means of the wiring.


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