Historically, swing lip dock levellers were commonplace in warehouses, as only larger fleets were catered for. However, in today’s fast-paced e-commerce environment, landlords, together with end users, are looking to specify new technologies to streamline processes and improve operational output. For example, longer telescopic lip dock levellers have become a common addition as the need for flexibility of offloading various vehicle types on a single loading bay increase. These include additional leveller options, such as increased lip projection and split lips that are suitable for standard trailer sizes, double deck vehicles and right down to smaller vans for loading and unloading.

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Airfield Warehousing, a Peterborough-based 150,000 sq. ft storage facility, has upgraded its materials’ handling solutions during lockdown through the installation of a new standard ramp, designed by expert UK manufacturer, Thorworld Industries. Committed to ensuring employee access to quality materials’ handling equipment, Airfield Warehousing felt it right to replace a US-built container ramp that was ready to be upgraded. Seeking a solution that would effectively reduce the team’s requirement to perform manual handling, the company’s Managing Director Karen Munton turned to Thorworld Industries to supply a new standard ramp, capable of allowing safe forklift transit and accelerating the container loading process.

TransDock supplied a new hinged lip dock leveller and cushions to a blue chip client within two weeks from placing of order. With single button operation the operative can easily raise the deck up, extend the lip and finally park on to the vehicle bed. During unloading or loading the dock leveller ‘floats’ which allows the deck to raise or lower with the vehicle suspension.

CopriSystems’ bespoke loading bays provide flexibility and guarantee a high performance solution that can grow with the business. Canopies offer all-weather protection against the elements, therefore eliminating the problem of water or wind damage. Single span domes, which have no internal supports, make it easier for organisations to comply with social distancing requirements.

The past 18 months have seen considerable investment in the service and maintenance department at Hörmann UK, in response to the increasing demand for fast and efficient service from warehouse and factory operators. Part of this investment has been in the expansion of the modified service, with the ability to offer modifications to all types of Hörmann loading bay and industrial doors. Replacement panels and other key components can be supplied within a 24/48-hour period to ensure that doors can be repaired with little delay.

Minimising the risk of damage to goods, and most importantly reducing the risk of injury to employees and external staff, can instantly be achieved through the installation of safe and innovative solutions. However, this must be supported through regular servicing. While all loading technology must comply to EN Safety Standards: EN1398, manufacturers of loading bays and dock levellers, along with the company or building owner, have a shared level of responsibility to ensure the loading area is working correctly and efficiently.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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