As a handling, personnel lifting, and earthmoving specialist, Manitou Group offers a very wide range of solutions to its users in order to meet their needs. Its Special Solutions department, with the support of a center that is dedicated to attachment design and production, provides the group with differentiating know-how and allows it to create custom solutions.

In 2012, the group established an attachment expert team. This team, the “Attachment Competences Center” (ACC), is comprised of 22 people, 18 of whom are based at the Castelfranco site in Italy. It is responsible for designing 85% of the telehandler attachments and manufactures 70% of them, i.e. almost 3,500 attachments. All of these attachments undergo numerous tests at Manitou Group’s R&D Test Center in order to guarantee for users very high quality and durability under demanding conditions. This know-how is particularly valuable in an increasingly competitive environment. Andrea Diena, Product Development Manager for Attachments, says: “Because of this division, we are able to provide real added value to our users. By offering better productivity for the machine/attachment pair, we provide optimal safety for the operator and the machine. With 600 references and 12 attachment families broken down by type of load handled, we can meet all needs.”

In addition to the forks, buckets, clamps, winches, jibs & cranes, or platforms that are in the catalog, the ACC also offers tailored solutions developed jointly with the group’s Special Solutions team based in Ancenis. With nearly 90 cases examined and 50 offers finalized in 2019, many different solutions were developed on a variety of markets.

An illustration of this is an example from Benelux: It is a platform basket that was specially designed to assist in removing asbestos from buildings. Installed on rotating telehandlers (MRT), this development makes it possible for operators to remove asbestos safely in accordance with the regulations in each country with European type-approval.

Thanks to the diversity of expertise at the ACC and the Special Solutions department, Manitou Group reaffirms its commitment to meeting all handling needs, regardless of the application required.

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