Step into the world of cutting-edge lifting solutions with TAWI’s Jib crane systems. These robust machines are not just tools but innovations that redefine the material handling landscape. Let’s explore how TAWI’s lifting systems, with their unique features and applications, have transformed operations for our valued customer, Yusen Logistics.

Why use Jib Cranes in a warehouse environment?

Flexibility: TAWI’s jib cranes offer unparalleled flexibility, with a rotating jib arm that effortlessly manoeuvres within confined spaces. Whether navigating a bustling warehouse or a compact manufacturing facility, our jib cranes adapt to the task at hand with precision and ease.

Precision Lifting: When it comes to heavy loads, precision is paramount. TAWI’s jib cranes deliver just that, with smooth and controlled movements ensuring the accurate placement of materials. Say goodbye to the risk of damage and hello to improved efficiency.

Versatile Applications: TAWI’s jib cranes excel in many applications, from assembly lines to loading docks. Whether lifting machinery components, loading trucks, or performing maintenance tasks, our cranes provide the versatility to tackle any job confidently.

Yusen’s Success Story

Yusen Logistics recognised the versatility and efficiency of TAWI’s jib cranes and integrated them into their operations. With over 30,000 units moved in their busy warehouse, the impact was undeniable. TAWI’s vacuum lifting technology, including multifunctional vacuum lifters and the Mobile Order Picker, revolutionised Yusen’s workflow.

In close collaboration with Yusen, TAWI worked diligently to boost employee welfare and productivity, culminating in successfully installing five multifunctional vacuum lifters on a column and jib system, as part of ongoing efforts to enhance on-site staff well-being.

The implementation of TAWI’s lifting solutions not only improved productivity but also prioritised employee safety and well-being. By reducing physical strain and minimising the risk of accidents, TAWI’s technology enhanced the working environment for Yusen’s staff.

Efficiency at its Finest: With TAWI’s vacuum lifters, moving heavy boxes became effortless. From pallets to conveyors, the streamlined workflow required less labour and time, increasing efficiency and reducing stock damage.

The Future of Material Handling: TAWI’s Mobile Order Picker takes mobility and versatility to new heights, allowing operators to handle large, heavy items easily. From TVs to pallet racks, the suction feet ensure a gentle touch, streamlining workflow and simplifying handling for Yusen Logistics.

In a world where efficiency is king and safety is paramount, TAWI’s Jib cranes and vacuum lifting systems have increased performance and efficiency and improved employee welfare.

The last word from Yusen Logistics

“TAWI’s vacuum lifting equipment has removed 100% of the lift and completely streamlined the process. In a timed experiment, the vacuum lifters were 20% more efficient and required 30% less labour,” says Rob Hamborg, UK Site Manager for Yusen Logistics.

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