It is essential that the loading bay is not overlooked in a warehouse’s optimisation strategy, particularly when faced with the challenge of trying to keep up with such rapid growth in ecommerce.

As the bottleneck of any warehouse and a hectic part of business operations, it’s no wonder that the loading bay is often where bumps can occur. In the distribution sector, the ability to load and unload goods safely is critical to the overall supply chain efficiency, safety and productivity. Without this you run the risk of having to pay for damages, as well as experiencing a loss of business and damage to your reputation.

The growth in the online retail sector shows no signs of slowing down since coronavirus continues to be an ever-present threat to the high street and omnichannel distribution changes are significantly impacting consumer demand. Therefore, with more vehicles to cater for, the warehouse needs to ensure it’s loading bays are ready to deal both with busy times inside the structure and increased traffic outside.

Next-day if not same-day delivery is now commonplace and at the same time the supply chain is increasingly moving towards a just-in-time operation meaning logistics companies have less room for error. Efficiencies have to be gained at an operational level, saving time and money in the distribution process while maintaining the quality and appearance of items in transit. A well-designed loading bay will help!

CopriSystems’design solutions are bespoke to match our customers’ specific requirements and ensure that your loading bay can meet the flexibility required to cope as business trends and practices shift. A single span domed bay for example has no internal supports, providing a larger working area and making it easier for organisations to comply with social distancing requirements. Whether you choose a freestanding or wall-mounted canopy, both will keep goods sufficiently sheltered and ensure high levels of performance. Likewise if you opt for retractable curtains or a telescopic roof, our purpose-built systems meet every possible requirement to successfully accommodate logistics vehicles of all configurations.

Future proofing your loading bay is not just about having the right amount of space. Improved infrastructure can help improve communication and the flow of traffic throughout. Optimum lighting, airflow and weather resistance can also help keep the area comfortable to work in, after all employee comfort has been demonstrated to impact productivity. A dock that is too hot or too cold can easily reduce worker efficiency. We are happy to discuss all of the different aspects required of your industrial building including the level of security it offers, storage, finish and fixtures.

We understand that investing in a new industrial building is always going to be a huge financial decision and can tie a business to staying at one location. However, CopriSystems’ loading bay structures are designed to be temporary. This does not mean they are a short-term, quick fix solution. Instead they can offer businesses a stable and longstanding presence with the option of being modified or removed whenever you wish. Our covers will literally stand as long as you want them to. If your business moves premises, then our canopies can easily be taken down and moved with you.

It is this kind of flexibility that will offer long-term financial reward and enable a business to grow successfully in a rapidly evolving market.


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