Regular Thorough Examinations for work equipment are an obligation not an option says CFTS.

The body behind the national standard for Thorough Examinations believes that businesses working with lift trucks must be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to arranging inspections for work equipment. CFTS was created in 2004 by leading industry bodies the FLTA and BITA, in consultation with the HSE, to ensure that equipment is inspected in line with LOLER and PUWER regulations.

However, several factors have created some confusion in the industry regarding whose duty it is to book an inspection. Failure to have equipment fully examined in time can put a company on the wrong side of the law and liable for any necessary penalties while also risking the safety of its operators.

“Many businesses are under the assumption that it’s always down to the company they are hiring from, but that’s not always the case,” says Geoff Martin, CFTS Chairman. “If they are not clear on who is responsible for keeping up with the examination schedule, then they could be opening themselves up to fines or even accidents if equipment faults go undetected.”

If the truck is owned outright by a business, or is on long-term hire, then the user is responsible for ensuring the Thorough Examination is carried out.

When the truck is hired or leased for less than 12 months, then the company the truck has been hired from is required to supply the equipment with a valid Report of Thorough Examination. Employers should therefore also insist that the Report of Thorough Examination accompanies the equipment upon delivery, as they have a duty to uphold operator safety.

Even during short-term hire periods, it may be that an additional inspection should be carried out. While equipment must have a Thorough Examination at least once a year, more frequent checks could be needed depending on the type of truck, how it is used, and the working environment.

For more information about CFTS, please visit or call 01344 623 800.

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