Modern life can make us spoiled for choice. Much like everything nowadays there are multiple types of printers all with their advantages, disadvantages and differing abilities! Whilst you could go out and buy the first printer you see, you will come away a lot happier if you purchase a printer with your specific needs in mind. Printers have varying capabilities and outputs and what’s right for one person, might not be right for you.

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This article will run you through some of the most popular types of printers – breaking down their individual strengths – to help you make a much more informed decision on which printer is the right one for you.

Smart Ink printers

Technology in the world of printing is always evolving and something that has come from that is Smart Ink printers. Released by HP, these printers ensure you are never without ink. Running via a monthly subscription, your printer sends a signal to the manufacturer to let them know you are running low on ink, thus prompting them to send out brand new HP cartridges to you in the post.

Self-sufficient printers such as this are most useful to those of us who print on a regular basis, but don’t have time or resources to monitor ink levels and order replacements in a timely manner.

Laser printers

Laser printers are often considered to be more efficient than inkjet printers due to their precision and speed. You are most likely to find a laser printer in an office setting due to their efficiency when it comes to printing black and white documents. Whilst a standard laser printer is best for black and white printing, you can also purchase a colour laser printer if that is something you will need.

Lasers are typically more expensive as they are larger and often bulkier than other types of printers, however the long term running costs work out cheaper as not only can the printer handle heavier workloads. The cartridges also tend to have larger page yields. If it’s scale, speed and stamina you’re after, laser is often the answer.

Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers are great all rounders and probably the most popular printer for a domestic setting, due to their smaller size and their ability to print almost anything. Whether you are looking to print black and white documents, coloured graphics, photos or even on envelopes, an inkjet printer is likely to suit all of your needs.

They aren’t all sunshines and rainbows however, as they have a lower print speed than that of a laser printer and, whilst the initial payment is cheaper than their laser counterparts, they will cost you more to run.

Multifunction printers

Another great all rounder – multifunction printers are an office dream, combining a range of functions such as printing, scanning, faxing and copying. Whilst the majority are quite bulky, there are few sleeker and more domestic friendly models on the market, making them great for at home offices too. In fact, these all-in-one printers are considered to be one of the best options for your home office according to Fast Company.

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