CopriSystems’ bespoke vision and experience in delivering unique, high performance logistics solutions can help streamline operations and improve health & safety.

There’s no question that the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of smooth logistics operations for keeping society connected and the economy moving. While the majority of the population were urged to stay at home, workers in the transport and logistics sector have been working tirelessly to maintain a supply network, delivering essential medical equipment and food around the country. Not to mention all the non-essential online purchases that we have now come to rely on being dropped at our doorstep.

Businesses have had to restructure, rethink and simplify their processes in little to no time in order to succeed during this period. We too have had to be agile and quick to innovate. While not being permitted on industrial sites, we started to design products that would enable us and other businesses to get back to work quickly by addressing the challenge of social distancing for the health and safety of industry workers. The result was a portfolio of bespoke temporary tunnels and walkway covers to help protect people when entering and exiting a building, along with electronic pedestrian doors to encourage safer queuing.

During this time we also experienced a surge of interest from customers in our domed loading bays. With no internal supports, they offer more usable space, which is important when considering employee safety and the dome shape provides maximum efficiency in adverse weather. The roof can also be made telescopic and retractable, which allows for easy loading and unloading of goods by crane while the vehicle remains where you need it to be.

In a logistics environment where freight is constantly on the move and strict schedules leave little time for error, it’s important to have structures on site that facilitate business operations. Our full range of temporary industrial buildings can offer logistics companies more flexible space and room to grow, without the expense of constructing a new building that is fixed to one location. How a business uses that space can be adapted according to requirements at the time, whether it’s to allow for quick and efficient goods handling when there’s an unexpected surge in order volumes or provide a holding area for goods marshalling.

The space also lends itself well to the maintaining and storing of vehicles. Lorries and trucks used in logistics are usually of such a size that they will not fit into conventional fleet storage or parking bays. They are then inevitably left outside the premises, exposed to the elements and criminal activity.

We have designed our purpose-built structures to be durable and resilient while meeting every possible requirement for effectively covering logistics vehicles. They can be easily modified or relocated so, if your business moves premises, our canopies can easily be taken down and move with you.

In an uncertain economic environment it is this kind of flexibility that will be critical for organisations to succeed.


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