Exporta, the UK’s product handling experts, has added a new range of metal pallets made from lightweight but robust aluminium to their extensive range of plastic and wooden pallets.

Exporta have expanded their extensive offering of pallets with the addition of a brand-new range of aluminium metal pallets. Made in Germany, these pallets are of the highest quality.

The metal pallets are made from high-grade aluminium, they are hygienic and incredibly strong. With a longer lifespan than a standard wooden or plastic pallet, they have a higher return on investment. Unlike wood that can swell and warp, metal pallets will not change their shape over time, making them ideal for use in an automated system. Their uniform surface makes them easy to clean and sanitise. They are resistant to static build-up and have a much higher tolerance to an extreme temperature range, far higher than wood or plastic. They will operate at temperatures of -80°C and +90°C – useful in environments with temperature extremes.

Exporta looks for quality above all else when sourcing products, and only secure partnerships with companies that boast the highest levels of expertise and accreditations. The German company which manufactures these pallets has over 100 years of experience with very modern and accurate manufacturing processes and facilities. These are DIN EN ISO 3834-2 certified for all welding technologies and have ISO9001. All products are TÜV certified and come with a full quality guarantee.

The pallets are available to buy direct from the Exporta website, but if a larger quantity is required, please contact us for a quote and one of our experts will help you find the right product to suit your needs. Don Marshall, Head of Marketing & eCommerce says: “These new metal pallets are fantastic. They are ultra-hygienic, long-lasting, and extremely robust. When it comes to pallets, I do not think anything can beat the quality of these. When matched with the right application, they surpass anything a wooden or plastic pallet can deliver.”

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