The Covid-19 outbreak has only added to the ever increasing appetite for online shopping, both in terms of the sheer volume of traffic and the demand for different sized packages. This has made the role of sortation conveyors absolutely crucial. The breadth of choice of conveyors may appear bewildering at first and it can be a challenge to know which one to pick.

This article was first published in the May 15th 2020 issue of Warehouse & Logistics News, subscribe to the magazine by clicking here.

This article was first published in the May 15th 2020 issue of Warehouse & Logistics News, subscribe to the magazine by clicking here.

At one time it would have been wise to use a systems integrator to assimilate a materials handling system into the business, bringing in a broad selection of products across different industry sectors. The systems integrator is able to offer original ideas to a project, not being tied down by narrow design concepts. However, the last two decades has seen so many mergers that it is now best to use the major equipment suppliers who can provide in-house software developers and have a knowledge of the necessary handling kit.

Beumer Group’s BG Sorter Compact CB offers more flexibility in a tight footprint. The new system from the sortation and distribution technology range optimises performance and product life-cycle costs. This is ensured by the intelligent software and the possibility of data analysis.

Interroll, the leading global provider of material flow solutions, is expanding and deepening interactive contact with its customers with new online services. From now on, training events for customers can be easily booked and conducted via the internet, meetings with experts can be organized, and short videos on important industry topics can be accessed. An important cornerstone of the new offering is the Interroll Academy, which for many years has been the driving force behind the transfer of knowledge between employees, customers and partners.

To help mitigate against the risk of infection and assist employee safety, Leicester based BS Handling Systems has invested over £100,000 in specialist equipment, cleaning solution and training for an electrostatic sanitisation system. This enables the company to offer a first-class service designed to combat COVID-19 and other bacterial threats. Known as the Infection Control Preventative Measures Programme, this service supports in-house cleaning routines to dramatically reduce the risk posed to businesses by bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19.

With the demand for PPE among the NHS community growing on a daily basis, Broadwater Mouldings has turned over its 3D printer to producing protective shield frames. This initiative has been coordinated by BT at Adastral Park in Suffolk who, with the help of other local businesses, have delivered over 4700 protective shields to local Hospitals, GP practices and Care Homes.

Well done to BS Handling for taking such action at this time, It’s great to see our industry pulling together for the good of the country

George Simpson, Features Editor

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